custom colors. superior quality.

Jump rails and Poles

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custom colors. superior quality.

EMS Jump CO Rails and Poles

Our wood poles are milled from high quality spruce or pine establishing the strength and beauty of your rails. Also to ensure longevity and safety, EMS Jump uses screws instead of nails for all construction. Plastic end caps are available to protect the ends of all rails.

We are family-owned and we take great pride in each and every rail that leaves our facility. We customize our poles to meet your needs, and love working with our clients to provide the colors and look you want. Take a look below at options such as raw and unpainted spruce, horizontal stripes, turf covered poles, and vertical stripes.

We look forward to creating your vision.


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One Color Rail: $55
2 Color Striped Rail: $60
3 Color Striped Rail: $65
Birch Painted Pole: $65
Curved Pole 8': $275
Foam Pole:
Horizontal Striped:
Natural stain/poly:

Octagon Poles, 8': $75
Poly Poles:
Rainbow Poles:
Square 10' Pole:
Turf Covered Pole:
Unfinished Poles:
End Caps:


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EMS Jump Co provides superior service and rails.
— Top Call Farm, SC
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