custom designs. quality material.

Gates and Planks

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custom designs. quality material

gates and planks

Gates and planks are fully customizable in color, shape, and length. Customize your colors to match any set of standards or your barn colors, and provide diversity for horse and rider by incorporating ladders, lattice, and custom planks.

We are experts at building your brand. Our creative department will work with you to promote your facility or event with professionally designed and painted gates and planks. Renderings of your custom gates and planks will always be provided for approval.

We look forward to creating your vision.


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10' Ladder Gates: $150 plus
12' Ladder Gates: $170 plus
8' Swoop Ladder Gate: $175
10' or 12' Star Gate: $225/$245
10' Oar Gate: $265
10' Angled Ladder Gate:
10' Lattice Gate:
10' or 12' Plank:
from $125
12' Bottom Squiggle Plank: $175
10' or 12' Wave Plank: from $165


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